Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dying relations

Relations...are they deteriorating in this modern world where technology has greatly advanced and that one can easily be in touch with his/her loved ones..?? Yeah I do have a lot of friends who just send messages as a token of proof that they are still in touch with me. And whenever i enquire about their studies or anything I hardly receive any messages from them. A few years ago it wasn't  like that..We lived as a single soul lazying, partying,learning...everything together..But now who cares about those wonderful moments that we had in the past? Those have turned out to be some treasured pieces of reminiscence.Yeah a very big thing indeed!!! Glad that  no one gives a damn to rebuild the relation else we would have missed this jewel in our memoirs..But then if  the "once had been strong " relation turned into this present strange scenario, weren't those merely a waste of time?? Hadn't it been better if we stayed away ?? No I am not here with the notion that we shouldn't have any friends and that friendship is useless!! I love my friends more than anything in this world. I am just forced to think like this when relations turn out to be of no value!!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Balloon high in the Air......

                                                    To be back in Palakkad, to be precise at Walayar the place where I spent mah childhood days. ….Those days of zeal and vigour …where I had mah 13 fun filled years was always special.As I stepped on to my lane after 7yrs all the games that I used to play wid mah friends rushed into my mind..I could feel as if mah friends were peeping out of their houses and calling out my name like they used to do as soon as we got back from schools. It filled me with joy for a moment but then realizing the fact that it was all a dream of the past was simply heartbreaking…
But still it was really awesome to be back there in the world full of colours with teak trees to deck the forest of Walayar..In the morning I set off to meet mah friends and had chat sessions with them. Now we had many things about each one of us  to be discussed among us. our life,college,friends …But some 7 years back all of us had only one world confined within Walayar..common friends and similar way of living n having fun. Now  things have changed.Time played the villain's role to separate me frm them.Ah anywayz I had a nice time with them.In the evening I did find some time to be spent at the Walayar dam. You will always like it there with its calm and cool atmosphere which soothes you….
Next day I had planned to return back.I went to the Ayyappa temple of the quarters in the morn where I used to go every week..When I stalked back to mah lane I could see many chottas dressed in their newly stitched uniforms and who were stepping into the school life for the first time. I was really astounded to see the scene bcoz it tuk me to the past ..some 12 yrs back…It was from the very same place I had started off into the world of education along with mah friends…Now I stand here after 1 year of my college with schooling just to be penned into my diary and to witness the next generation to follow us who are now the rising colours to add to the beauty of Walayar….
Like every poet who utters a wail about having lost their childhood and simply gifted with memories to play the central role in their poems, I am also one among them…I really miss those precious days which are of course a blessing to ever human. Never one should forget to live it with utmost care and excitement……