Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dying relations

Relations...are they deteriorating in this modern world where technology has greatly advanced and that one can easily be in touch with his/her loved ones..?? Yeah I do have a lot of friends who just send messages as a token of proof that they are still in touch with me. And whenever i enquire about their studies or anything I hardly receive any messages from them. A few years ago it wasn't  like that..We lived as a single soul lazying, partying,learning...everything together..But now who cares about those wonderful moments that we had in the past? Those have turned out to be some treasured pieces of reminiscence.Yeah a very big thing indeed!!! Glad that  no one gives a damn to rebuild the relation else we would have missed this jewel in our memoirs..But then if  the "once had been strong " relation turned into this present strange scenario, weren't those merely a waste of time?? Hadn't it been better if we stayed away ?? No I am not here with the notion that we shouldn't have any friends and that friendship is useless!! I love my friends more than anything in this world. I am just forced to think like this when relations turn out to be of no value!!!!!